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This an official SOS,…
I am in need of real help…..
This is not a joke….

It’s too long of a story to tell right now,
But I’ll summarize in order to get to my point…
My parked car was involved in a hit and run. It’s pretty much totaled.
I was in the process of switching insurance and my new insurance would not have taken into effect until tues. So, even though we know who exactly who did it, according to the cops…. I’m fucked.
I still owe 2,900 on the car and it’s now wrecked……
I have no other mode of transportation and where I live the bus does not regularly run.
I am at a loss as to what to do, and where normally my pride would abstain me from asking for help….
I really have no choice.
My SOS is for help of any kind, in any way.
It hurts my pride and bruises my ego that I can’t climb out of this situation my myself….
I’m sorry to ask for help but, given the situation and my limited resources at the moment… Any help, from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
Email me:

Talked to my Uncle today… And even though I haven’t spoken to my uncle Luis in well over 3 or 4 years… it’s literally just like picking up where we left off…

So we’re talking about things that I’ve told him before but, for whatever reason he still forgets… (Just like when he still calls me by one of his daughters name, or refers to one of his daughters as Corinne… Cracks me up everytime)

Anyhow he says…
Luis: So you’re Jewish now…
Me: uhh yeah.. I have been for a while…
Luis: well you need a Jewish name now for Hollywood…
Me: I think most people don’t know what to make of a Puerto Rican Jew named Corinne, with an Italian sounding last name like Irizarry….
Luis: well how about Corinne Chulaburgher…. Get it.. Chula is Spanish for pretty and anyone with a last name ending in burgher is always Jewish!
Then you’ll be really famous!!
Me: (busted out in laughter)

I love this man like a father because growing up there were times that he was the only father I had…

And 36 years later, he stills knows how to make me laugh and pull me out of whatever dark waters I’m drowning in..

I love you Uncle Yabi!!
Thanks for being my dad when I need one!

This Father’s I’d like to dedicate it to my father and to those of you out their that have lost their father far too soon.
Life seems to get easier to deal with him not being here with time and photos to remind me of the man my father was.
He was a great man that loved and lived to love his children.

You were but a warm breeze that entered my life long enough to teach me how to stand strong in the toughest cold winds…

I love you Daddy

In my quest for Coachella tickets, it turns out I found out a little bit more about myself that I didn’t already know was there… 

After 35 years of existence, I’ve only now really been able to fully wrap my mind around how profound of an effect music has had in my life.

It blows my mind!
figured I’d share the conversation that started this Epiphany!  

OH yeah… still need #Coachella tickets!!!

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